Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

due to the pandemic spread of the COVID-19 disease caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2 („Corona-Virus“) the service of the immigration authority in Northern Saxony will be restricted considerably.

The following applies for registered foreigners in Northern Saxony:

- During the ususal office hours all office locations will be closed. Only appointments for urgent matters can be made after prior consultation in individual cases. Your clerk in charge can be contacted via telephone or via e-mail. The contact details can be found on the homepage of the district of North Saxony at

- In general residence-related documents (residence permits, residence cards, fictional certificates, tolerations, declarations of commitment) cannot be issued until further notice.

- Until the full resumption of the service and the reopenenig at the regular office hours we consider temporary residence-related documents as persistent. This applies to the incidental provisions of these documents as well, especially regarding the type and scope of permitted employment. Affected persons will receive a corresponding confirmation by post.

Please note that travelling abroad and returning to the Federal Republic of Germany is only possible with a valid residence permit.

- In case you need a treatment certificate for a the visit at your doctor, please contact your clerk in charge via telephone or e-mail. The required treatment certificates will be sent directly to your doctor. Precautionary we would like to point out that justified acute and emergency cases will be treated in the hospitals regardless of an issued treatment certificate.

Thank you for your understanding!



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